A medieval festival

On a sunny Saturday morning, we packed our bags and went off to Mauterndorf. Mauterndorf is a small village located in Salzburg Bundesland and actually quite close to Salzburg.The area proves to be just perfect whether to take a walk or explore the mountains up to the top.DSC_0015

This past weekend, people gathered in Mauterndorf to enjoy a medieval festival. Dressed in fancy medieval clothes, adorned with a ferret tail or a fox fur or an ivory horn, guests strolled up and down the streets of Mauterndorf and attended to street entertainment live shows. You could feel yourself drawn in by the pictureque outfits.DSC_0026


Without a doubt, people recreated the atmosphere of those times at its best.


The eyes of the visitors were surely kept busy with the view of tents, swords, helmets, body armours, shields and bow with arrows.



And for nothing in the world, I wouldn’t have missed my chance to practise for the first time the skill of archery. And YES, I would do it again.


Well, stay tuned, there’s more to come from the Middle Ages times!


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