Eggenberg Palace & Mr. Peacock

A partly cloudy day in Graz. Our friends gave us a call and came up with the idea of revisiting Eggenberg Palace. Not at bad at all because a second look actually refreshed our memory. Eggenberg Palace is placed in such spectacular surroundings you would take a walk every day in the park around the palace. Said & done! So while the girls engaged in all sorts of chit-chat in their walk to the castle, the guys handled the photo shoot.DSC_0634

Our host at the palace was nobody else but the Mr. Mighty Peacock, who by the way was quite friendly and of course really proud of his shimmering feathers. Really interesting about the peacock feathers is that when light shines on feathers, we see lots of glimmering coloured spots, phenomenon called interference. DSC_0643DSC_0644

 Mr. Mighty Peacock proving himself really unfriendly to pigeonsDSC_0641

Trying to get to know him better 🙂DSC_0690

And closer…DSC_0691

And flap-flap…there you go ..he flew away!DSC_0693

And we did it! Such peacock situations require face-to-face conversations.DSC_0704

Further on, we had a look at the art exhibition of the castle, where visitors can buy tickets and souvenirs. From books and postcards to peacock bags and purses.DSC_0728DSC_0732

As we visited this room with paintings, stained glasses and statues from the Middle Ages  for the first time, we took the chance to admire it at length. Must admit the paintings were really impressive!DSC_0764DSC_0760DSC_0773

Through laughs and photo shoots, we all had a relaxing and peaceful afternoon!DSC_0746DSC_0817


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