From Riegersburg Castle with love

I have to admit: I love castles. A lot, actually. 🙂 As a child, I was dreaming of myself as a princess and read happily fairy tales with princesses and castles. Oh and I watched Fantaghiro, my favourite childhood movie. But coming back to our times, castles tell more than you actually see when you visit them. It feels strange and magical at the same time because somehow you feel you go back in time. Going back in time has been one of my dreams, but unfortunately the inventor of a time machine hasn’t been born yet. Luckily, we can work out our brains through imagination and touchable proofs.

Riegersburg Castle, a medieval one of a kind construction, lies upon a dormant vulcano in the south of Styria and looks majestically upon its valleys, forests and vineyards. The 850-year old castle delights the visitor’s eye and promises a relaxing state of mind due to its green surroundings and beautiful landscapes.

And while I went higher and higher on the path to Riegersburg, up until 450 m, I had the chance to feast my eyes with the greeness of the views.DSC_0319

The view is totally worth it!DSC_0338


Together,under the tree, life seems carefree!DSC_0373


Getting closer to Riegersburg, at a certain point, I could admire the vineyards on both sides of the road.DSC_0426

Curious and excited, I made my way to the castle.


With its turbulent past, the castle invites you into the medieval atmosphere. There are two exhibitions which can be visited: The Witch Museum and Tale of Riegersburg-Legendary Women. A quite interesting insight into the beliefs and convictions of those times! And when I think that many met their fate here…cold chills on my skin!!DSC_0535

He asked me to take a photo together. 😀 Under no circumstances could I refuse him!


For a minute or two, I was in the shoes of a shooter. Not any kind of shooter!


And also tried a helmet. Quite heavy and no sight at all!DSC_0517


Have a go? I would strongly recommend you a visit. Castles in Austria are a MUST!



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