Acuarela’s colourful people

Love at first sight! Colourful umbrellas and a vintage summer setting which makes you want to come back here! This is Acuarela, a place in Bucharest good to meet friends and enjoy cold drinks on hot summer days. So, two friends separated by the countries they live in met to share their latest news and gossip about their lives. Here they are under Acuarela’s umbrellas:happy faces!14053779_1221904027829812_7886878579139149026_o

Having a look through Acuarela’s menu, we decided upon what suits us best on summer days: basil lemonade and ginger lemonade. They’ve got a wide range of drinks, cocktails and snacks to choose from. I have not tried them apart from lemonade, but I plan to do so in the future.14017812_1222010451152503_482601377_nDSC_0311.JPG

Cold & tasty! Do you agree with me that yellow goes hand in hand with green?



The atmosphere feels cosy, open and relaxed. So whether you meet an old-time friend like me or enjoy a pleasant evening for a date or just take your time and stare at the explosion of colour, this is just a wonderful place to be. And what seems more interesting than that, I cannot say that morning, noon or evening is the best time to be there. Somehow losing track of time characterizes it. Put your shoes on, grab a friend or more and just be there! You’ll feel yourself as part of the story! 🙂


Fascinated by the decor of this small bistro


Certainly such settings require a photo shooting!



I was all for green that afternoon!


Receptive to precious indications from the photographer


Sunset light fills up my senses!


Because pretty rhymes with witty, I would say wretty girls on the streets of Bucharest 😉


Hope you enjoyed and when in Bucharest, pop in at Acuarela! There’s a slight chance you don’t like it!



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