Bratislava is worth a visit!

Imposing castle in the background, blue sky with soft white traces from clouds just like in a painting, a little bit of wind in my hair and plenty of sun to warm up my skin in a three-day trip to Bratislava! My friends had planned this escape by themselves, but because they had rented an apartment with enough space, they just said: “Come with us if want!” and so I did. It took us only two hours and a half to reach from Graz to Bratislava. We packed everything we needed and before we knew it, we were there. The apartment they had rented was just a stone’s throw from the Danube. So our first day in Bratislava went on with having a walk along the Danube and admiring the view.

A warm THANK YOU to my friends for the following photos!


And because we still owe respect to the king of the jungle, this photo happened. 🙂 Not by chance, of course!


He seemed not wanting to let go of my hair…


There are lots of cruise ships on the Danube and lots of hotels as well to choose from, if you want to make the best of your vacation!dsc_02dsc-01

The UFO Observation Deck in Bratislava – if you really want to capture great photos of the city, you should probably pay for a ride in the evening. The tower is 95 metres above the Danube and the bridge is the seventh largest hanging bridge in the world. Want to know more? The elevator in the tower goes up inclined, but you’ll not be disappointed with the view!


Street art in Bratislava dsc08179

The following day we were hunting for souvenirs, especially fridge magnets.


On our way to the castledsc08271

Engaging ourselves in selfies has never been easy, as you probably know. But we don’t give up: once in a lifetime we are young! 😉dsc08234

The much awaited photo with the Bratislava Castle! Inhabited by Celts and Romans at its beginnings and burnt by fire in 1811, the castle is in an ongoing reconstruction. I would have loved to visit the castle inside, but at least I could enjoy a walk in the park around the castle.dsc08297

The castle at night from the UFO Observation Deck


Well…I guess we could let the pictures speak for themselves.


Dear Bratislava, we liked you and for sure we’ll pay you another visit sometime in the future!


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