Silent Autumn

One more post about autumn and I guess this is the last one. Because winter seems to ask for its righteous place. And I agree because I would love to see some real snow this year. It used to snow so much when I was a kid that the snow layer was knee-high. I miss those winters. But coming back to our last pieces of autumn, about two weeks ago, we had a short trip at Leopoldsteinersee. (See=lake). A sunny day, silent walk in the nature and photography. What could we need more?! The panorama as usual makes you wanna come back. Could you say ‘no’ to such a view?!


That’s right! I guess we are on the same page 🙂


 We were on the shadowy side of the lake and I was a little bit cold at first, so I tried to move myself. Like a ballerina, of course 😛


And jumping around helped us warming up a bit!


I’ll let the following no filter pictures speak for themselves.


Pay attention to how this girl is preparing to take a high jump. Eyes closed and focus on the high jump! That is actually the first step for all our dreams.


Purpose achieved!


The picture below is one of my favourites from this post.


Mountain girls ready to take over every Austrian mountain corner


And the author of this post with sun rays in her hair



I was making fun of the fact that people kept passing by. You know when you want nobody in the background in your picture? Well, it was inevitable to take a photo without people in the background. On weekends, mountain paths in Austria tend to be more crowded than in town.


The photographer capturing the silence of autumn in immortal pictures



Have I brought nature into your mind & soul? I do hope so! 🙂



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