Peleș Castle is a Must See!

Romania is beautiful and Peleș Castle should be in your next visits! And I am not saying it just because it’s my country, but because its architectural style and interior is pretty amazing with more than 10 types of wood and even more. Though one could say its chambers gather a mixture of styles, the castle boasts a collection of arms and armour with over 4000 pieces, stained glass, furniture, gold, wooden library etc. We paid it a visit  a few days right after New Year’s Eve and we were pretty impressed. And also proud as it was our first visit. Let’s have a look at it on a winter sunny day!dsc_0630

Built for King Carol I and inaugurated in 1883, Peleș Castle is located in Sinaia, a mountain resort and is surrounded by spectacular scenery. A ticket is approximately 7 euro and if you want to take pictures from inside, then you have to pay additionally.


There were people waiting to tour, but it was not crowded. I heard that in the summer it can get pretty full. Make sure to plan ahead the period of the year when you want to drop by a visit. January could be a good month.


Interior yard with beautiful painted walls


Artistic picture before getting in


Another painting on its walls


Then we had a ride with the cable car until 1400 m altitude. Maximum 40 minutes was the least we could stay as it was very cold.dsc_0755dsc_0738dsc_0762

Me trying to befriend any pal dog I meet



Happy, happy because of the snow and ready to make ‘some sort of show’ on snow! 🙂 Unless ice demonstrates me the opposite!


Freezing but still having a picture of the magnificent view behind me


So if you haven’t got your first breath of fresh air this year, you could take it at Peleș Castle! Be ready to get fully equipped because you can also ski or have a sleigh ride!




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