Denzel Washington’s theatrical performance gave me the thrills

Lately I have been given much thought about whether to write or not about my favourite movies or about movies I’d watch a second time. No more yes/no thoughts and challenge was accepted. I am great lover of movies and TV series and I believe I can make some pretty good recommendations. Plus a different viewpoint might help you in finding movies whose subject may inspire you or make you get the message beyond the characters and their interpretation or maybe reflect upon different concepts of life. You choose it. I’ll just write about what impressed me in the movie or how it made me feel. Shortly, the impact it had upon me depending on the film.

So, walking that talk into the deeper meanings of film, here is a good movie to start with: Fences. Truth be told, Denzel Wanshington is one of my favourite actors. I watched almost all of his movies and some of them I’d watch them again. Why?! Because he was so good-looking in his 20s and 30s. Smokin’ hot, to be noted. You can take it as you want but I cannot leave out his good looks. Apart from this, what’s more important is that he’s an incredible actor. I mean, his performance in a movie is memorable and really gets in the skin of the character. Fences whose subject did not thrill me at all when reading about it on IMDB, tells the story of an African-American, a working-class man and father who does his best to support his family. The course of events takes place in the 1950’s when African-Americans still faced high discrimination.

Following the first scenes of the movie, we’ve got the image of Troy Maxson (main character’s name), a hard-working man and father, coming home with his best friend, after ending their shift. They open a bottle of gin and Troy is telling jokes and stories. His wife and his best friend are happily engaged in the conversation. The picture of husband and wife, getting along with each other so well gave me the impression that everything ran smoothly in their marriage. Step by step, the viewer will soon understand and come to terms with the main character’s convictions and opinions. It saddens you from some points of view, but without a doubt, a man’s evolution in life depends to a high extent on society, education, values etc.. To be more specific, Troy tries to convince his son that work and not football is the right way to live his life. Their relationship is not a normal one. It’s not one that encourages the wishes and visions of his boy. With every disagreement they have, their relationship climbs down on a descending path with no possible way of reconciliation. Maxson’s personality is aggressive, impulsive, domineering. But I’m not revealing any more of it, you might want to watch it if you like the psychological genre.

In many moments, while watching the movie, I had the impression that in fact I was at a theater play. An awesome feeling! Too bad that I couldn’t ask for an autograph. A bit later, I was to find out that the film is actually based on a play written by August Wilson, an African-American playwright, winner of Pulitzer and Tony Awards. A few more words about Washington’s performance: deeply touching, powerful and every scene of the film is played with pathos and naturalness. Absolutely brilliant from the very first moment he begins until his last reply! I could not do otherwise but warmly recommend it! Will there be a second time to watch it? Definitely!

Here are some pictures from memorable scenes in Fences:








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