Vienna – tourist in the city where I live

Vienna is the city where you need to live in if you like big cities, crowds, mix of cultures, events etc. Big cities? Real drainers of energy, some would say, but it certainly depends on what best suits you. As for myself, big cities charge me with some sort of energy that keeps me alive. I feel alive when I am surrounded by movement,  I love to learn about new cultures even if it’s just about tasting food. And I also believe that living in a big city, even if it’s for some time, offers you another kind of openness towards people, cultures, everything which is different.

Do you know that Vienna is listed as the most liveable city in the world for the quality of life? Even more, the city has been voted as ‘the best city’ for the eighth time in a row. So if you want to check it by yourself, here I have some sources for you to clear up the air:

Better now? Well…I do think the same. For some time, I think, I’ll be a tourist in the city where I live. There is so much to see, so many places to go, visit, photograph that only the thought if it gets me excited. So, in my two free days I had last week, I went to some important attractions in Vienna. This post is going to be about photos and city views from my angle. I am not a professional, but I did my best and I’ll do the same in the future posts. I just hope I’ll bring another view of the city  and catch your attention.

First place I went to was Schönbrunn Palace. I had been before, but it’s always a delight to have a walk in the gardens of the palace. It was a really hot day, but that was no impediment for me. PHT_7821

I like to photograph old gates from palaces or buildings, just like this one. Those minutes from the moment I observe it and until I press the shutter button, take  me back in time and my imagination catches wings.


If I could go back for a day with a time machine….



Ended up with Schönbrunn, went to Belvedere Palace. This was actually my first time at Belvedere Palace. The palace has three parts which can be visited, but I actually visited only one: Upper Belvedere. Upper Belvedere, Lower Belvedere and Winterpalais Belvedere is waiting for you with lots of paintings, sculptures from different periods such as romanticism, baroque and early 19. century etc. You just need to have the time and patience to see all these. And most of what you’ll see is explained with an audio guide.



Austrian flag flattering in the wind


I took some photos of these two paintings I liked most. And I’m leaving you to contemplate these. Oh…and while I am writing this, I am listening to Vienna – Billy Joel. Some good years back I was listening to this song and now it’s back on my mind 🙂







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