Home never felt better!

In a way it’s hard to be so far away from your home or better said from your land. If I were to call something home, I think home is where your heart is. But let’s stick to home as my land. On the other side, I got used to living in another country, 3 years until now and I still cannot get it how time can be so deceitful. Just a way of saying…  Anyways, even if I got used to living in another country, I still miss my closest friends. I still miss some things in Romania which I don’t have in Vienna such as food. Diversity of biscuits for instance. I know, it’s funny! But the simplest biscuits they can sell are Butterkekse (butter biscuits) which are too sweet for my taste.

And as I was saying, home never felt better! I could say I don’t know why, but I know very well why. Though my staying was short and to the point, I felt that I spent quality time with my closest people. Three days home, far away from the madding crowd and I managed to take some photos of the Romanian landcapes in a beautiful light of sunset.

I love sunsets! For dinner of course.IMG_2660IMG_2663Sunset

Then I jumped in the train to visit my friends and to also play with this pal, Thomas. Who by the way filled my three days of joy and energy and….yes reminded me once again of how much I wish a dog. A dog… only mine.


He is drooling over my food, I know! Over anyone’s food! It doesn’t matter what you have in your hand. His eyes ask like a beggar, but I swear he’s one of the cutest ‘ beggars’. And of course in order to get that ‘some’ which you have in your hand, he performs this trick ‘little human’ but in Romanian it sounds nicer.

He cute hmm?! 🙂

IMG_2674 (6)

We took selfies every morning until my departure. His face is probably saying “Not a selfie again!” But that’s life when humans love you too much!


And every morning we were the stars. Well, he is more than me, but the limelight is a tough thing. You have to be competitive and we both know what that means. Our personal agent was his mommy, I mean my friend. You can look for her on facebook: @LauraTeodora.ro. Interesting recipes, humor and energy in writing and she cooks good. You’ll like her!


And one picture more because I know you can’t get enough of us. This is actually my favourite picture with him this time because I was trying to get a selfie and he was smelling my hair! Too much cuteness and emotion in one shot 🙂


My friend, Laurici as I call her and me, their guest


Next days I met quick with some other friends. Below in the picture, Elena is a good friend of mine whom I hadn’t seen for years. Sometimes life makes it impossible to meet some dear people but very, very happy we could finally meet! And I’ll never forget that because of you I’m listening to Coldplay.


The below picture is saved and inserted just the way it was posted in Instastories. What better way to end this post with a picture with the best boss ever and one of the best friends? It’s always and always a joy to meet you everytime I am back in Romania. Because I always get the necessary dose of energy from the people who are dearest to me. After all, among other things, we are also shaped by the people in our lives.


P.S.: I miss you, Thomas! Took plenty of selfies with you to have what to browse through when I feel sad. 🙂


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