Silent Autumn

One more post about autumn and I guess this is the last one. Because winter seems to ask for its righteous place. And I agree because I would love to see some real snow this year. It used to snow so much when I was a kid that the snow layer was knee-high. I miss those winters. But coming back to our last pieces of autumn, about two weeks ago, we had a short trip at Leopoldsteinersee. (See=lake). A sunny day, silent walk in the nature and photography. What could we need more?! The panorama as usual makes you wanna come back. Could you say ‘no’ to such a view?!


That’s right! I guess we are on the same page 🙂


 We were on the shadowy side of the lake and I was a little bit cold at first, so I tried to move myself. Like a ballerina, of course 😛


And jumping around helped us warming up a bit!


I’ll let the following no filter pictures speak for themselves.


Pay attention to how this girl is preparing to take a high jump. Eyes closed and focus on the high jump! That is actually the first step for all our dreams.


Purpose achieved!


The picture below is one of my favourites from this post.


Mountain girls ready to take over every Austrian mountain corner


And the author of this post with sun rays in her hair



I was making fun of the fact that people kept passing by. You know when you want nobody in the background in your picture? Well, it was inevitable to take a photo without people in the background. On weekends, mountain paths in Austria tend to be more crowded than in town.


The photographer capturing the silence of autumn in immortal pictures



Have I brought nature into your mind & soul? I do hope so! 🙂



Yellooooow, won’t you tell me your name!

Ring a bell at the title? That’s right! That song from The Doors. But I made a word pun because that is what really came up to my mind when I downloaded the following photos from the camera.

This year autumn came with most amazing colours or probably I paid it just a little bit more attention. Relaxation and joy for nature came in one weekend when we took an unplanned trip. And the unplanned trips are usually the best. As they say, travelling makes you richer. Our destination: Open Air Museum Stübing (Österreichisches Freilichtmuseum Stübing).

The Open Air Museum Stübing is one of the ten big central open air museums in Europe. The museum preserves and protects natural cultural heritage. It shows and depicts peasant life through its houses and objects. And now let me show you!


This is one of the houses which can be found at the Stübing Museum. Many of them have been brought from different regions of Austria.


Autumn colours perfectly integrated in the picture of Stübing Museum


Analyzing the structure of the roof doesn’t seem an easy job.


The girls in a round of running for the cameradsc_0899



And one round back for me! Flying back like a bird!



I told him to have a sit on the prettiest flower he liked.



Wandering about from house to house and feeling the freedom of nature


Yellow delighting my eyes as never before


Truth be told, the landscape takes your breath away. But anywhere in Austria, the fabulous scenery makes you want to see some more. And there are plenty of places to go, relax and enjoy. You just need to check it down on your list of places to go.


Behind me there was a pretty restaurant. I didn’t check it out, but apparently the food smelt pretty good. We were really thankful for the fine autumn weather.


And while sometimes I might terrorize my boyfriend with asking lots & lots of photos, I am really grateful for the wonderful photos he takes. These posts would not be so complete without his help. 🙂






There were also means of having fun for kids and adults. As a result, boyfriend on stilts. 🙂


As I proclaimed myself the girl who loves autumn, I dearly invite you to take a walk more often in autumn. It’s rewarding, I’m telling you!









The girl who loves autumn & her fox bag

Close your eyes. Imagine stepping on the carpet of colourful, dry leaves. Can you hear the sound it makes? Crispy…crunching under your feet. And a cool, sharp breeze on your face. Still the picture in your mind? Lovely! That is what autumn means to me. And this autumn I’ve decided not to let it go undisturbed. I mean, I took advantage of its signs and went for a photo shoot. I had a quick look at the clothes in my closet, found something suitable, a catchy bag and got started. dsc_0595

This is actually my first post in which I’ll be talking a little bit about clothes and my passion for clothes and fashion. I’d remember cutting material and designing clothes for the Barbie dolls I had when I was a child. And of course, nowadays fashion industry has evolved and developed in the most fascinating ways. For example, I find it absolutely amazing that skirts and dresses have changed a lot after 1920s. To this very moment, each decade has come up with its own transformations. Some would say “fashion is about dressing according to the fashionable”. I would say not. Fashion is about creativity and manner of expression. It is about who you are, what you feel, what you want to be, how it makes you feel. Fashion industry is about change and how you dress is about your identity and how open you are towards the horizons of fashion. This is what I believe it is. Coming back to what this post is actually about: there I go with my autumnatic look!dsc_1


Me hopping around like a kanguroo to take this photo!


Sunset light is absolutely important in taking a photo portrait. And somehow it gleamed through the trees so beautifully that my skillful photographer recommended it and I took his good piece of advice. The scenery felt flawless and the result thereunder!



“A good laugh is always sunshine in the house.” William Makepeace Thackeray said it and I practise it. Fair enough, right?


The effect of vintage is worth trying! This photo got actually much better than expected. “Very World War II”, as a friend said. Took it as a compliment!


That burgundy skirt was bought a long time ago and it is from Stradivarius. I love much of their clothes for they seem to suit my style and personality.dsc_0699

So what about my beauty statement?! I bought this fox bag a few years ago from Salzburg. It was love at first sight, can’t deny it! Since it was hard in matching colours and clothes for this bag, depending on what there is the closet, now I have it as a dear memory from Salzburg. It’s nice sometimes to say “I have this bag from Salzburg”. All your memories from visiting a place come together with that thing you bought.


Details from behind the photo shooting: stole leaves from people’s yards to take this photo. I know! But this crazy girl would do anything to make the best out of photos. In other words: love for photography!


 The photographer and the model sending you warm greetings!


And one more, because you probably loved the photos. So did I!dsc_0786