The girl who loves autumn & her fox bag

Close your eyes. Imagine stepping on the carpet of colourful, dry leaves. Can you hear the sound it makes? Crispy…crunching under your feet. And a cool, sharp breeze on your face. Still the picture in your mind? Lovely! That is what autumn means to me. And this autumn I’ve decided not to let it go undisturbed. I mean, I took advantage of its signs and went for a photo shoot. I had a quick look at the clothes in my closet, found something suitable, a catchy bag and got started. dsc_0595

This is actually my first post in which I’ll be talking a little bit about clothes and my passion for clothes and fashion. I’d remember cutting material and designing clothes for the Barbie dolls I had when I was a child. And of course, nowadays fashion industry has evolved and developed in the most fascinating ways. For example, I find it absolutely amazing that skirts and dresses have changed a lot after 1920s. To this very moment, each decade has come up with its own transformations. Some would say “fashion is about dressing according to the fashionable”. I would say not. Fashion is about creativity and manner of expression. It is about who you are, what you feel, what you want to be, how it makes you feel. Fashion industry is about change and how you dress is about your identity and how open you are towards the horizons of fashion. This is what I believe it is. Coming back to what this post is actually about: there I go with my autumnatic look!dsc_1


Me hopping around like a kanguroo to take this photo!


Sunset light is absolutely important in taking a photo portrait. And somehow it gleamed through the trees so beautifully that my skillful photographer recommended it and I took his good piece of advice. The scenery felt flawless and the result thereunder!



“A good laugh is always sunshine in the house.” William Makepeace Thackeray said it and I practise it. Fair enough, right?


The effect of vintage is worth trying! This photo got actually much better than expected. “Very World War II”, as a friend said. Took it as a compliment!


That burgundy skirt was bought a long time ago and it is from Stradivarius. I love much of their clothes for they seem to suit my style and personality.dsc_0699

So what about my beauty statement?! I bought this fox bag a few years ago from Salzburg. It was love at first sight, can’t deny it! Since it was hard in matching colours and clothes for this bag, depending on what there is the closet, now I have it as a dear memory from Salzburg. It’s nice sometimes to say “I have this bag from Salzburg”. All your memories from visiting a place come together with that thing you bought.


Details from behind the photo shooting: stole leaves from people’s yards to take this photo. I know! But this crazy girl would do anything to make the best out of photos. In other words: love for photography!


 The photographer and the model sending you warm greetings!


And one more, because you probably loved the photos. So did I!dsc_0786



A view from Schlossberg

Grazer Schlossberg (Schlossberg=castle hill) is the centre of the old town. It is the most visited tourist attraction for it’s also in the centre of the city. It lies right on the bank of the Mur river and the view of Graz from Schlossberg is outstanding. Schlossberg used to be a fortress for the city and its fortification dates back to the 9th century. Now, the public park on Schlossberg offers lots of cafes and restaurants to choose from and delight your tastebuds and visual senses.  (Schlossberg top right of the picture)Schlossberg

So, Schlossberg and sunset make the best combination ever. I am telling you, my friend: sunset evening is worth watching! It’s not the best sunset we’ve caught because clouds seemed to disrupt our photo shooting. But still, colours of blue, violet and a pale tint of nude pink offered us the picture of a painted sky. The sun behind the clouds did a great job.


A much closer look at the clouds on the skyDSC_0931

Where the wooded hills meet the sky, my eyes felt absorbed in a natural and delightful contrast. The colour I’ve always dreamt of for sunsets!DSC_0017 We noticed an ‘eyehole of enlightenment’ and the chance was ours. While I was watching in the Turkish Fountain.DSC_0938DSC_0942

Under the spell of the skyholeDSC_0950DSC_0955


And while the evening transformed itself into the night, a little bit of reading was absolutely welcome. If you are probably wondering what I am reading: To Kill a Mockingbird. Totally captivated until now 🙂DSC_0015

In the end, we turned our steps to some music we heard from the top of Schlossberg.DSC_0060

And we found out there was a music festival we had no idea about: Weltmusik am Mariahilferplatz (World music by Mariahilfersquare). Every year, the festival promises some really good quality music such as jazz, afro, latin, blues, Balkan-blues. Multicultural feeling in the air! 😀DSC_0067

We grabbed some beers, enjoyed the atmosphere and people dancing!DSC_0073

Promise to update you with more posts and photos of Schlossberg!

Eggenberg Palace & Mr. Peacock

A partly cloudy day in Graz. Our friends gave us a call and came up with the idea of revisiting Eggenberg Palace. Not at bad at all because a second look actually refreshed our memory. Eggenberg Palace is placed in such spectacular surroundings you would take a walk every day in the park around the palace. Said & done! So while the girls engaged in all sorts of chit-chat in their walk to the castle, the guys handled the photo shoot.DSC_0634

Our host at the palace was nobody else but the Mr. Mighty Peacock, who by the way was quite friendly and of course really proud of his shimmering feathers. Really interesting about the peacock feathers is that when light shines on feathers, we see lots of glimmering coloured spots, phenomenon called interference. DSC_0643DSC_0644

 Mr. Mighty Peacock proving himself really unfriendly to pigeonsDSC_0641

Trying to get to know him better 🙂DSC_0690

And closer…DSC_0691

And flap-flap…there you go ..he flew away!DSC_0693

And we did it! Such peacock situations require face-to-face conversations.DSC_0704

Further on, we had a look at the art exhibition of the castle, where visitors can buy tickets and souvenirs. From books and postcards to peacock bags and purses.DSC_0728DSC_0732

As we visited this room with paintings, stained glasses and statues from the Middle Ages  for the first time, we took the chance to admire it at length. Must admit the paintings were really impressive!DSC_0764DSC_0760DSC_0773

Through laughs and photo shoots, we all had a relaxing and peaceful afternoon!DSC_0746DSC_0817